Watermarkdesign is a team of designers

Watermarkdesign is a Italian design team, which provides consultancy services in 3D modeling and concept design ideas and styling, mainly in yacht industry.

Watermarkdesign also works in the product/industrial design area.

Our experience is the result of work in custom projects, combined with knowledge in nautic field’s special requirements.

Engineering constraints

We have great capabilities in handling with tecnical constraints and in the integration of the architectural solutions with AC, hydraulic, electric and fire systems, lift up mechanisms, general dimensioning and installation layouts, as well as excellent coordination qualities with engineering companies, cabinet-makers, contract companies.

3D Laser scan

Accurate 3D scan process guarantees maximum precision in subsequent interior design.

Below you can browse an interactive panoramic restitution of an onboard 3d laser scanning; error margin is ±3mm.

Virtual prototyping since early stages

Watermarkdesign develops the design from owner’s ideas and sketch to 3D drawings with the purpose to integrate the various points of view of the work that has to be realized.

In such a way we consider the final result before its actual construction, to perform – if needed – changes and improvements. We enhance the viewability of the product right from the early stages, and this promotes early technical and aesthetic evaluations.

Italian style

Particular attention is given to the use of the space and to the most appropriate tecnology solutions, as well as to the accuracy of the architectural solutions, and the detail in interior and exterior design.

The design process

  • Owner’s ideas and sketch
  • Creation of a complete yacht model (exterior and interior) with high end 3D modeling software
  • Rendering for every room to evaluate design ideas and the best functional solutions
  • Approval from the owner
  • Generation of cutting files for numeric control machines for all hull parts and interiors parts to produce high quality hull parts and interiors
  • Assistance in the realisation of the customised interior layout, by handling the entire production process from start to finish

The final result

  • The final project fully satisfies the owner’s desires
  • The building process is fast and doesn’t waste time and materials
  • The resulting product meets the highest standards of quality.

Team                                Our partners

The team is composed by skilled professionals with specific experience in the nautical sector. Garlant Marco (CEO and Founder), De Lorenzi Rita (associate designer), Gazzi Cristiano (associate designer) and more professional designers dedicate to every specific project.

To promote italian design and projects in the international arena, we work with highly specialized companies.

Cantieri Navali Chioggia

Italian manufacturer of custom built Superyachts with 20 years of experience, capability in the production from 20m up to 100m steel and alluminium superyachts, Professional Explorer Yachts and any type of refitting.

Ocean King

Professional Explorer yacht: Ocean King means travel beyond limits, travel at any time and in any weather conditions enjoying all the thrill of adventure.

Al Mannai (Doha, Qatar)

Shipyard, specialized on building traditional dhow boats in luxury shape .

Venice Luxury Creations Gallery (Venice, Italy)

Venice based company, specialized high end interiors creations with a net of long experience craftsmans and extra quality materials and building process. All to meet Client desires with unique, full taylor made project and products.